Bookstore magic: De Nieuwe Boekhandel


De Nieuwe Boekhandel
By Mojdeh Feili & Yasmina El Hilali

We have our little routines. Whenever we meet, we usually decide for endless conversation over a cup of coffee or tea at our local coffee franchise Bagels & Beans. However, our meetups are never complete if we do not end our day with a visit to our favorite bookstore that is just down the street: De Nieuwe Boekhandel.

As a kid, libraries were my favorite place to play hide and seek: this usually meant I disappeared between the racks of books and left my mother searching for me. When the local library moved, I was a little devastated: I hadn’t yet discovered the magic of bookstores. Fast forward a few years and I did discover a bookstore that was magic in itself.

On the corner of the Bos en Lommerweg, you will find a little bookstore that satisfies all your booknerd wishes. From a delightful children’s section, to notebooks, cookbooks and travel guides, this store has something for anyone.

Why is it our favorite? Glad you asked!

While Amsterdam has plenty of bookstores, this one distinguishes itself because it is personal, warm and houses a vast collection of diverse literature: it is the neighborhood’s little living room. To add to this feeling, there is a nice corner at which you can sit down, relax and have a cup of tea while you sort out how many books you are going to buy this time. The staff is always kind and very knowledgeable; they can answer any question you have in full detail and do so with great enthusiasm. Their shelves contain Adichie, Kaur, Ghobash and next to Grimm’s fairytales and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, we even spot a Quran for kids. If you’re looking to spark your badass side, they can offer you Feminist’s Fight Club and when you are just looking for a feelgood novel, you bet they can offer plenty. It’s not only their great collection, which includes lots of diverse books from diverse authors, that draws many customers. Monique, the owner, is so enthusiastic and passionate about advising everyone to their custom needs but also broadening their views, that it’s hard to stay away.


Go check out their website or visit them at Bos en Lommerweg 227

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