Suitcase of Wonders




Suitcase of Wonders
by Yasmina El Hilali & Mojdeh Feili

We haven’t posted in a while, and one of the reasons is that we are both busy. Yasmina is a superhero by day (read: teacher) and Mojdeh handed in her thesis finally (she’ll gladly send you a copy in the hope someone reads it other than her supervisor). However, that is not the only reason. We both have many ideas and we want to develop them the right way.

Today we finally found a day we could both spend some good time on it -and finally see each other after weeks of WhatsApp conversation. While we were catching up and working hard (read: enjoying coffee and brainstorming), a man approached us. He told us he is from Ukraine and that he came to Amsterdam to study Dutch language and literature. In order to finance his studies, he was selling lucky charms and other thingamabobs. He carried them in a beautiful little self-made suitcase. Obviously, we bought one.

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